Medicaid Expansion



Yet, we are disappointed that there was no expansion of healthcare coverage for immigrants ages 19-41. Illinois made history over the last three years by expanding coverage for immigrants ages 42-64 and seniors (65+), regardless of immigration status. We will continue to partner with the Healthy Illinois campaign to realize healthcare for all because we, as a state and as a nation will never fully recover from the devastation Covid-19 has caused and continues to cause until everyone has access to healthcare. 

Despite this loss, we partnered and supported two historic bills that strengthen the safety net of immigrant families and promote workers’ rights. One requires hospitals to screen uninsured patients to determine their eligibility for health coverage options and final assistance, thereby preventing and reducing medical debt. The other “Temp Worker Fairness and Safety Act” discourages the practice of “perma-temping” by guaranteeing equal pay for equal work for temps who are assigned to the same job for more than 90 calendar days and keeps workers safe by improving training and workplace safety standards for temps.  We look forward to continued collaboration with grassroots community organizations like Chicago Workers Collaborative, Warehouse Workers for Justice, and the Healthy Illinois Campaign which were able to garner incredible legislative wins despite budgetary opposition and immigrant scapegoating!  Si se Puede!

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