Addressing Health Disparities in Illinois: Press Conference with Commissioner Anaya



On June 14th, Commissioner Alma Anaya hosted a press conference where Alejandra Ibañez, our Executive Director, discussed our dedication to an equitable pandemic response and our ongoing efforts to address health disparities in Illinois’ Latinx community. This event provided an important platform to highlight critical issues such as Medicaid disenrollment inequality and advocate for comprehensive support and training for Community Health Workers to navigate the redetermination process effectively.

During the press conference, Alejandra emphasized the disproportionate impact of Medicaid disenrollment on Latinx individuals and stressed the need for systemic changes to ensure fair access to healthcare. By equipping Community Health Workers with the necessary resources and training, we aim to empower them to guide affected individuals through the complexities of Medicaid redetermination.

We are grateful to Commissioner Anaya for this opportunity to discuss these vital issues and for her continued support in our mission to promote health equity.

Thank you once again to Commissioner Anaya for this opportunity.

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