Advocating for Latinx COVID-19 Recovery with Equity at the Core

We are committed to addressing related public
health challenges and effectively mitigating the economic repercussions of the pandemic.

Who We Are

Founded in April 2020, our coalition continues to have unwavering determination, driven by our mission: to fiercely champion equitable responses and recovery efforts in the face of the profound impact of COVID-19 within the Latinx community.

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What We Do

For a triumphant recovery from COVID-19, we must establish a robust recovery framework. Illinois Unidos champions four pivotal realms of empowerment and growth: Community Health Worker Training, Culturally Empowered Public Health Education, Capacity Building, and Unyielding Advocacy for Policy Change. Through forging partnerships and connections with community allies, we wield the power to amplify the recovery endeavors within the Latinx community across Illinois. Together, we can shape a future that rises above the challenges posed by the pandemic, asserting our collective resilience.

Working Committees

Illinois Unidos is home to several working committees comprised of professionals from diverse fields – such as healthcare, policymaking, and grassroots activism. Monthly gatherings fuel discussions on policy and advocacy, shaping a bold and impactful agenda.

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